Apollo 11 TLI Animation

Text written by
Robert A. Braeunig
Animations by
Drewid (Apollohoax.net user name)
© December-2009

In conjunction with Bob Braeunig's Apollo 11's Translunar Trajectory, Apollohoax.net member "Drewid" developed the animations below. The trajectory data is from Braeunig, the tilt and rotation of Earth and the radiation belts is taken from Apollo 11 launch data, and the radiation field data is from SPENVIS or AE8/AP8. Radiation intensity is depicted from strongest to weakest by the colors red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

The first animation shows top and side views of Apollo 11's trajectory through the region of the Van Allen radiation belts. The second animation shows Apollo 11's translunar trajectory in plan view, taken as a slice trough the radiation belts. Both animations provide an excellent visualization of what the flight path looks like in three-dimensions. Furthermore, we can clearly see how the trajectory bypassed the regions of greatest radiation intensity.

Animations created by Drewid in November & December 2009.